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The dye is a mixture consisting of a binder (ex. lime, silicate), pigments, mineral fillers and any additives. The pigments, which characterize the hues, can be of synthetic or mineral origin.

Synthetic pigments are relatively recent acquisition and foreign historical building, which is why we do not find old façades with bright colors. The lime addition, being white, only allows you to create colors in delicate shades, pastel colors.

Mineral pigments, made from natural earths and / or inorganic oxides, still represent the best choice for achieving quality tint. They are in fact stable in alkaline environment, and under the action of UV rays, in addition to give rise to a prismatic decomposition of light with different intensity gradations of color to vary the exposure.

Most synthetic pigments, undergo a decay under the action of UV rays, in addition to returning an aesthetic effect "flat", monochrome.

It is important to consider these factors when selecting color for your project or for your home.

Primat is able to support you in this decision, by advising the most compatible and lasting solution.